Malyia McNaughton invited us to attend a Saturday of empowerment with The Star Boutique, an organization where she serves on the board. Run by a board of women of color, The Star Boutique empowers young homeless girls to be confident — teaching important beauty and hygiene skills, encouraging individual style, and emphasizing self value. Held in the Tusk boutique in Chelsea, members of The Star Boutique, along with volunteers, set up a display table for jewelry and other accessories, racks of brand new stylish clothing, and rows of chairs before a step and repeat, where attendees posed for pictures with their selected fashion forward items of their choice.

“The star boutique is a transformative space that helps teenage girls affected by homelessness. So when they come we not only provide them with the physical items that they need, such as clothing, shoes, accessories, as well as hygiene products — but we also have a conversation about self esteem and body image. We have a stylist here that serves as mentor for the day to help them with any self esteem issues that they may have.We help girls who are homeless to get both the physical things that they need but also to help get their minds right and love themselves.” — Danielle Skeen, Founder and Executive Director

Every young lady left the event with a bag of fantastic beauty products, fashion forward accessories, and a brand new outfit. Sponsoring the event was faved hair brand Miss Jessie’s, who provided goodie bags filled with hair products for each of the attendees.


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