Adding a good scrub to your skin care routine is important for a consistent healthy glow. This process aids in detoxification and removes dead skin and oils that leave skin prone to break outs. That’s especially good for us highly melanated naturals, as it reduces the appearance of hyper pigmentation. And if you want a naturally dewy look, a weekly scrub routine will get you there.
Veridatta’s Living Enzyme Scrub takes this process to the next level, as it is packed with natural clays and minerals that aid in purifying the skin of toxins and purge impurities. Not only does it scrub away dead skin, it rids your skin of unwanted ickies. The coconut oil moisturizes and prevents over-drying, allowing you to use this scrub daily, as necessary. Salicylic acid penetrates the skin to exfoliate the pores.
We highly suggest applying this scrub to the face and letting it sit for five minutes to penetrate the skin and pull out any toxins. Follow this by gently massaging the scrub into the skin for 2 minutes. Then rinse — you’ll be pleased with the instant glow.
Find Veridatta’s Living Enzyme Scrub at At $52, it is worth every dollar.

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