Dr. Bronner’s, a name many recognize, was a name I only knew in the context of liquid soap and for the most delightful little anecdotes, sayings, and affirmations on his product labels. Seriously, have a seat and read a Dr. Bronner’s product label sometime! It will not disappoint!

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Dr. Bronner’s line also included bar soaps, which can be used for your body, face AND hair!With all of the skin-loving oils listed in its ingredients, I can reasonably assume it would make one’s skin feel great but hair?! Curly hair?? Arrugh?! Challenge accepted, sir! I have thick and course hair…super thick….so thick, I have to section and wash it in quadrants. I’m already thinking that this bar of soap is going to get lost in there. But, I just gotta know….

Packaging: The All-one Hemp Baby Unscented Pure Castile Bar Soap packaging is covered with quirky anecdotes. It also lists its ingredients, that it’s fair trade certified and vegan friendly. There are no directions for use because, well, it’s a bar of soap. It’s fair to assume that you know what to do with it.

Application: With my sectioned parts, I simply rubbed it in my hair, à la an SOS scrubbing pad. To my surprise, it lathered up in my curls instantly! When I rinsed, it got my hair squeaky clean, literally. My hair did that ‘squnk squnk’ noise, which I thought could be a problem because that meant (or so I thought) that my hair’s natural oils were also stripped away. More on that later…

Goal achievement: Since it is unscented, it holds true to its claim – no scent. After employing my usual styling routine on my wet hair, and allowing it to air dry, I expected my hair to feel dry and brittle from the “squnk squnk.” My hair did not feel dry or stripped, and surprisingly, had a boost on the shine factor.

Servings per container: One bar is 5 oz and because it lathers so quickly, I would say this bar is going to last a while. At $4.69 a bar, even if you only use it to wash your hair, it’s going to outlast a bottle of shampoo by far.

Overall: I’m pleasantly shocked! Essentially, a bar of soap is handling the business of pricier and messier shampoos! Well okay then, Dr. Bronner! I see you! AND you’re not robbing the planet (or my wallet) of resources?! AND I can travel with this 3-in-1 awesomeness and not have TSA eyeballing my adherence to the 4 oz. rule?! Just…just…take my money!

This best kept secret is now OUT!

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